Come Hang Out with Us Next Thursday: BostInno Meet-up [Event]

We’re enjoying some exciting times here at BostInnovation. As a newer member of the team, I say that as one of the latest to drink the Kool-Aid. But damn if the Kool-Aid isn’t tasty – and there’s plenty to share.

On the verge of a new site rollout (again, exciting times), we can’t help but be even more pumped about the growing community that BostInno has the pleasure of engaging with. The people, the companies, the organizations, and the ideas we interact with daily are truly incredible. We love being in the mix with you, and not on the outside, reporting in.

That’s why we’d like you to come hang out with us at one of our favorite establishments, Dillon’s, on Thursday, November 17, starting at 7pm. You can register here.

We’ll be having monthly meet-ups and starting to give away a little bit of “thank you swag” to the people who share their ideas and their views on our site. Next Thursday, we’ll be giving away t-shirts with our new design to our guest contributors and top commenters from the past few months. We’ll also have some shirts to raffle away. Most importantly, we hope you’ll come for the people you’ll meet and the conversations you’ll have.

Stay tuned for the upcoming dates of following monthly meet-ups. Keep reading, keep writing, keep commenting, and keep helping to build this awesome community. And while there’s plenty of Kool-Aid to go around, we can all look forward to sharing a beer.

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