Knock for style entrance

Please Knock blog, is a keyhole view into the apartments and wardrobes of Boston’s most stylish. That is if that keyhole lets you see absolutely everything in all it’s fashionable glory. Created by Leah Freeman, Boston Magazine’s Marketing Manager, with the aim of letting her viewers in to the intimacy of being inside your best friend’s closet.

Leah self-describes her blog as, “a fashion and design blog that goes into the homes of stylish people around Boston. It is also a chance for the people I feature to express themselves and show off the things they love. I like to think of the blog as a doorway into homes and people’s creative sides…hence plsknck, please knock.”

Freeman let the Style Section pick her brain about her chic site and her own personal style.

MC: How long have you had your blog? 

LF: My first post was July 14 of this year, but I have had the idea for a while. My first photo shoot took me 3 hours! I was still trying to figure out what the look would be. Now I get them done in an hour.

MC: Why did you start your blog? 

LF: I started the blog for kind of selfish reasons. I needed a creative outlet and have always been passionate about photography and design. Only within the last few years has fashion become another form of expression for me. I decided to put all of these loves together and the blog just kind of fell into place. To my surprise, instantly, people were telling me how much they loved the photos and the concept. So, I kept at it.

MC: How would you describe your personal style? 

LF: I am not a huge risk taker when it comes to fashion. I like to feel comfortable. I stick to clean lines and classic/tailored styles. I prefer to stay pretty minimal and not overdo things with tons of accessories.

MC: You’re fortunate enough to see some very stylish homes. What is the key to making a living space chic? 

LF: I guess that depends on your style, but having unique pieces always excites me. I like when people take time to find unique pieces that match their style and personality. Stuff you can’t just find in any store. It shows effort. I also think space is so key. Even if you have a small home, you can create open space that feels relaxing and welcoming.

MC: What are three pieces that any stylish Bostonian can’t live without?

LF: A good trench coat, a good pea coat, and leather knee high boots. Clearly I have Fall weather on my mind.

MC: What is you advice for aspiring fashion/life style bloggers?

LF: Go for it! Make it your own and enjoy every minute of it. If you don’t love it, your viewers won’t either.

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