Anna’s Taqueria Is the Ultimate Upgrade from Chipotle

If you’re as sick as I am of the blind worship of extremely over-priced and relatively mediocre Chipotle burritos, but that drive for burritos is forever insatiable, look no further; Anna’s Taqueria has got everything you need and much, much more.

Anna’s Taqueria, a restaurant critical for every Mexican food-loving Bostonian to try, has six locations spread throughout the city of Boston, its home city. The closest location to the University of Massachusetts Boston’s campus is probably the one a brief three minute walk from Charles/MGH station on the Red Line. You may be asking yourself, what makes this burrito so special in comparison to any other?

For one, Anna’s Taqueria actually makes a point of incorporating authentic Mexican cuisine and methods of preparation for fillings and for beverages. Rather than just offering the standard seasoned chicken or steak meat options, Anna’s Taqueria gives you an opportunity to taste delicious flavors that you could find anywhere in Mexico, but certainly never in Chipotle.

One of my favorites is Al Pastor, which is pork cooked with pineapple and red onion. As someone who normally hates mixing savory with sweet, the flavor had a delicious kick with just a hint of the pineapple flavor coming through to give it a little extra oompf. If you’re a fan of spice, then the Steak in Salsa Roja is a delicious option of steak soaked in red pepper sauce.

Finally, if you’re feeling extra daring, you could also try Lengua – cow’s tongue. Although I’ve yet to give it a shot, the texture of the meat, being slightly spongy, is what makes it special.

The other fillings, ranging from beans to the addition of plus-extra for guacamole, are pretty standard. But what is still a kicker is the price. The regular burrito size, a 10″ tortilla, is about the same size and thickness as a Chipotle burrito. But instead of an insane $8+, the regular burrito at Anna’s is only $5.95! You truly get your money’s worth, as well as getting to try food that is considerably more authentic.

Anna’s also offers a series of other options for your eating pleasure. They have a decently sized breakfast menu that includes burritos stuffed with eggs, sausages, potatoes, beans, and salsa, as well as breakfast tacos and Mexican plates. For lunch and dinner, Anna’s has the usual range: tacos, quesadillas, the Mexican Plate (essentially a Burrito Bowl), and chips and salsa.

If your curiosity for cuisine has not yet been satisfied,  Anna’s also offers traditional Mexican beverages and deserts for you to enjoy with or after your meal. As someone who tried my first cup of Horchata at Anna’s this past week, I can sincerely tell you that you have not experienced true happiness until you’ve had this delicious drink. Horchata, typically served with breakfast, is a milky beverage made with nuts, giving it a creamy and (obviously) nutty flavor. They also serve a Agua de Jamaica, a rich red hibiscus tea blend that is incredibly delicious.

If you find yourself curious, but unwilling to spend money on drinks you’ve never tried before, Anna’s is offering free samples of these traditional beverages Tuesday, October 20 in celebration of their 20th anniversary. As a huge thank you to their customers, the taqueria will be giving away free burrito cards while showcasing live a capella performances from local universities. From 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., a dollar from each burrito sold will be donated to ReVision Urban Farm, which produces healthy agriculture for the ReVision Urban Farm young mother’s shelter.

Not only will you be able to sample some delicious food that will certainly make you into a dedicated Anna’s customer, but you will be doing your part for the community simply by eating and having a good time!

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