Eighty Bostonian students sick with norovirus after eating at Chipotle

According to BPHD, the students’ norovirus symptoms are not consistent with those that typically accompany E. coli.

“Every time you have a vomit event, you’re looking at billions of (virus) particles, and it takes only a few to make you sick”, said Chapman, who said it was too early to say whether the students got norovirus at Chipotle.

The historical site of the Old Corner Bookstore in Boston, Mass., which is now a Chipotle.

“Initial testing conducted by the state public health has shown the presence of norovirus“, the health department said in a statement.

During an inspection on Monday, health officials did come across some violations at Boston’s Cleveland Circle Chipotle location-meat stored at unsafe temperatures, and and a sick staff member had come into work. The restaurant is now closed for investigations.

Chipotle said it was working with local officials to sanitize the Boston franchise and to test all employees for the norovirus.

All 80 students who fell ill confirmed they ate at the Chipotle restaurant. He added that it was important to note that noroviruses are very common.

Chipotle is now under siege from a nationwide E. coli outbreak that they have been unable to find the source of or halt, which is sending the company’s stock price tumbling.

A campus-wide email was sent by Boston College’s health services director Dr. Thomas Nary, warning students about the outbreak, the Boston Globe reported. It causes as many as 21 million illnesses annually, often in places such as hospitals, cruise ships and universities where people eat and live in close quarters.

On Oct. 31, the chain was linked to an E. coli outbreak that has sickened 52 people in nine states, including Ohio. The food poisoning caused many players to miss yesterday’s game.

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