Keller @ Large: John Krasinski Sticks It To ESPN Hosts

BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s hear a round of robust Bostonian applause for actor John Krasinski, a Newton native who stuck it to the buffoons on ESPN, the all-sports cable channel that seems to specialize in belittling Boston teams, athletes and fans.

Krasinski was just trying to promote his new movie, but the hosts thought it was cute to throw up a graphic on the screen reading: “Do you understand why no one likes Boston sports fans?” To hammer home the point, one of the hosts says to Krasinski: “You do understand, as a Boston sports fan, why the rest of us consider you guys to be really annoying?”

Krasinski kept smiling, although his contempt for the question and the questioners seemed clear to me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said. “I guess you guys hate winning and legacy and dynasty teams.”

The dim-bulb interviewer tried again: “Boston sports fans, you have a certain way about you.”

“I know,” Krasinski replied. “We have this way of winning that’s really annoying.”

Nicely done!

And while the tone was jovial, Krasinski really cut to the heart of what all the national sportsworld Boston abuse is really about – jealousy, pure and simple, bitter, profound jealousy over our amazing 15-year run of success.

I do get it, sort of.

I remember when we were, with the notable exception of the Celtics, loserville.

But I don’t recall us ever putting on quite such a display of pathetic whining.

Kudos to Mr. Krasinski for putting the clowns at ESPN and all their no-hoper admirers in their place.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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