Boston Yeti announces return in Twitter post

The Boston Yeti, a man in an abominable snowman suit who won fame helping Bostonians dig out following last year’s brutal snow storms, is back.

The Yeti — who unmasked himself as 30-year-old John Campopiano in a December interview with the Improper Bostonian — posted a photo of himself on Twitter shoveling last night’s snowfall.

Campopiano became a minor folk hero last winter, when a record nine feet of snow buried cars, hobbled commutes and brought much of the MBTA’s public transit to a standstill. He was photographed, suit on and shovel in hand, helping residents clear out from the storms.

He translated his internet fame into charitable pursuits as well, raising money for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Angell Animal Medical Center.

Campopiano, a digital records manager and archivist for WGBH’s Frontline program, told the Improper Bostonian that he donned a yeti halloween costume and had his girlfriend take pictures after seeing a request by NECN for winter photos. The shtick quickly took off, with the Boston Yeti receiving national and international media attention.

With today’s Twitter post, the Yeti appears to be back for this winter — though, thankfully, without quite so much snow to shovel.

Check out WGBH News’ interview with Campopiano: 

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