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Bill Evans deserves so much more than honorable mention (“Bostonians of the Year,” December 20). His entire career in the BPD and his exemplary service as commissioner make him my choice for Bostonian of the Year, hands down.

Jim Little / East Sandwich


Commissioner Evans would have been my choice for Bostonian of the Year. It is no accident that our city has escaped some of the racial strife that happens every day in many cities across the United States. Evans exemplifies community policing at its best. His sincerity and dedication to making Boston a safe and welcoming place for all people are inspiring.

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Before we give Chris Dempsey any more awards, I would like to see one of his plans to make the schools better or the streets safer or the transit system sounder. As it stands, his argument seems to be that all that stuff will magically happen on its own, as long as we don’t have the Olympics. All due respect, that doesn’t sound like “Man of the Year”-quality thinking to me. I will say that Dempsey did a remarkable job in coalescing support for his position. That in itself is impressive and laudable. I just wish there was something more going on substantively. A lot of people are against something. What are you in favor of?

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I am still laughing after reading the essay by Elizabeth Gehrman, “Stuck in Customer Service Hell” (Perspective, December 20). She covered just about every annoying aspect except one, and that is, when put on hold, the music that is played is enough to burst one’s eardrum. Just when you think you are being connected, another blast of unfamiliar music plays loudly. And this goes on and on and on.


Ethel Somers / North Andover


I loved “SOS (Scared Of Santa)” by John Sucich (Connections, December 20). It was well written and quite funny. No wonder he is now a writer and comedian. He used to be an outstanding fifth-grade teacher!

Diane Chait / Belmont

If only you could get funding to do some national research on how many people are SOS, I think it could yield some interesting data that, at a minimum, could be used to help parents help their kids cope with their fears and bad experiences at Christmastime and enjoy the holidays.

Mary Ellen Bavaro / Plymouth

Let’s face it, believing that a creepy person in a weird red suit who is sneaking into your house, judging whether you are naughty or nice, and watching over you all year long is a little bit nuts! None of my kids enjoyed meeting “Santa.” We quit that early on and everyone still enjoyed Christmas day.

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