John Krasinski defends the wall on ESPN

  Appreciate the support, @johnkrasinski! ‘€” New England Patriots (@Patriots) January 5, 2016 . — Glad to see John Krasinski hasn’t lost sight of his Bostonian roots. The Newton-bred actor stopped by ESPN’s “His Hers” to promote his new Michael Bay-directed movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” out January 15 — and also apparently to be bombarded with rude questions like, “You do understand, as a Boston sports fan, why the rest of us consider you guys to be really annoying?” “Um, I don’t Continue reading >>>

Keller @ Large: John Krasinski Sticks It To ESPN Hosts

BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s hear a round of robust Bostonian applause for actor John Krasinski, a Newton native who stuck it to the buffoons on ESPN, the all-sports cable channel that seems to specialize in belittling Boston teams, athletes and fans. Krasinski was just trying to promote his new movie, but the hosts thought it was cute to throw up a graphic on the screen reading: “Do you understand why no one likes Boston sports fans?” To hammer home the point, one of the hosts says to Krasinski: “You do understand, as a Boston sports fan, why the rest of us consider you guys to be really Continue reading >>>

Bostonian Sree Tadimarri Writes Another Book: Alien Yogi

inenews 0 Likes 0 Comments Print By An INE Staff Writer WALTHAM, MA—Bostonian Sree Tadimarri, an IT professional and the author of several literary works including Toli Pooja, last month published another book: Alien Yogi. “This book is about an Indian-origin kid, who predicts a global warming apocalypse and also provides a solution to global warming, based on ancient Indian books like Surya Siddhanth etc.,” Tadimarri told INDIA New England News. “His skills are very similar to ancient scientist Aryabhatta.” Just in few days after the release, this Continue reading >>>

A New Year’s wish list: Fewer burning trains

In October, as I was riding the train to work, the conductor calmly asked everyone to get off the train at the next station. Why? Because the train was on fire. Sigh.Complaining about the MBTA has become a hobby for many Bostonians. In fact, it’s impossible to say the name “T” without having it either directly preceded or followed by profanity. The problem is, it’s not getting any better, from last year’s dismal performance in the snow to the recent escapade of the runaway train. The lack of functioning public transit is a problem for every Bostonian. Continue reading >>>

Stores prepare for more shopping

Buy PhotoConnie Friedland, background, chats with Clarks Bostonian Shoe Outlet sales associate Crystal Smith, right, while returning a pair of shoes the day after Christmas Dec. 26, 2015 with her daughter, Stephanie Friedland. Friedland, who is a Hanover native, traveled from her home in Boca Raton, Florida with her daughter and were visiting family in the Hanover area for the holiday.(Photo: Shane Dunlap, The Evening Sun)Buy PhotoTom and Debbie Kuhn were walking section by section through J.C. Penny with a list. On it are a few items: a pair of rain boots, a new watch and gardening tools.“We Continue reading >>>

Armenian Connection to Boston Time Capsule Mystery Investigated – The Armenian Mirror

SONY DSC By Aram Arkun Mirror-Spectator Staff BOSTON — The Bostonian Society on December 17 held a press conference at the Old State House to discuss recent revelations concerning the red book discovered in a time capsule prepared by Moses Gulesian, an Armenian-American who had immigrated to Boston in the late 19th century from Marash in the Ottoman Empire. The time capsule, actually a copper metal box, had been placed inside the head of the copper sculpture of a lion on top of the Old State House. The red book and the time capsule were on display, and Brian Continue reading >>>

How a Harvard Prof. Would Fix the T in 5 Steps

An MBTA Red Line car interior (photo by InSapphoWeTrust, CC BY-SA 2.0). Ask any Bostonian how he or she feels about the T and you’ll most likely be in for a cussing-clad diatribe. While the latest ghost train controversy has captivated people, there’s a whole laundry list of issues that’s led us to hold a grudge against our city’s public transit system. (Like how the T essentially broke last winter.) Charles Chieppo, an Innovations in American Government Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, released a report last week entitled Continue reading >>>

Northeasterners Were Always Snobs–And These Maps Prove It

A decorative wall hanging in a Massachusetts home. (Photo: Tao Tao Holmes/Atlas Obscura) According to a 1928 map called “A Bostonian’s Idea of the United States of America,” Bostonians suspect that every state outside the northeast lacks borders, California is enclosed by the Rocky Mountains, and most everywhere in between is just an undifferentiated expanse known as the “Western Prairies.” The map is a composite of ideas held by Bostonians, which have been “gathered, evaluated, weighted, and combined,” at least according to the elegant banner at the top. The superciliousness Continue reading >>>

Eighty Bostonian students sick with norovirus after eating at Chipotle

The burrito chain is coming under tough times recently, after having been linked a few weeks ago to a mysterious E. coli outbreak in OR - and now, things are bad in Boston, too!A manager at the Chipotle location in New Haven declined to comment Tuesday, requesting questions be forwarded to corporate, which also didn't respond; Chris Arnold, a spokesman for Chipotle, did not return a call seeking comment.An inspector temporarily suspended Chipotle's permit after finding three violations: cooked chicken and steak was below the proper holding temperature of 140 degrees and an employee working despite Continue reading >>>

Feng Zhang: The MIT gene genius

For more honorable mentions and the winning Bostonians of the Year, click on the drop-down list at the bottom of this article. In early May, during a meeting on genome engineering at the Broad Institute, a visiting researcher named Eugene Koonin mentioned that some obscure bacteria might have an unrecognized talent: to cut DNA in a way that biologists had never seen before. Even to many scientists, that might seem like the most trivial of trivial observations. But Feng Zhang isn’t like most scientists. At 34, the MIT professor is one of the world’s most Continue reading >>>