Fallout 4: Get Power Armor and a Fat Man within the game’s first hour

POWER! Steve Wright 10 November 2015 0 comments If you’re looking to dominate in Fallout 4‘s Wasteland, we’ve got just the tip for you. As soon as you progress through the game’s prologue and make it to your former Bostonian home, you can beeline to a set of power armour, a Fusion Core and the game’s ultimate mini-nuke weapon, the Fat Man. Here’s how: From where you start at Vault 111, simply head east until you Continue reading >>>

Greater Bostonian: Birthday Wishes

It’s not as basic a need as a roof over your head, but any six-year-old will tell you having a birthday is a big deal. But for kids who live in homeless shelters it’s a day that’s often overlooked. A Newton woman is working to change that, bringing birthday parties, and perhaps something more, to thousands of homeless kids. Stephanie Leydon (@stephanieleydon) introduces us to our latest Greater Bostonian. If there’s one thing seven-year-old Alias knows well, it’s how to get ready for a party. Where he lives, there’s a party every month. Tonight, he’ll be celebrating his little Continue reading >>>

The Bostonians Host Costume / A Cappella Party In Cushing

A dramatically-lit stage set with orange string lights and pumpkins. Twelve phenomenal performances from three a cappella teams. A student dressed as a smiling poop emoji rapping Nicki Minaj.These are a few scenes from the Bostonians Halloween Invitational, in partnership with the Relay for Life Club, which occurred in Cushing 001 last Friday. The Boston College B.E.A.T.S. (Black Experience in America Through Song) and the Emerson College Acappellics Anonymous joined in for the fun, as well. The costume-clad crowd took in the the show riotously, applauding and calling out friends’ names between Continue reading >>>

Boston singer seeks beauty in the face of sadness

BOSTON songstress Michelle Lewis is set to perform at the Ardhowen Theatre at the end of this month. Lewis’s music is rich with melody, and her lyrics seek beauty in the face of sadness. Too refined to call folk and too personal to call pop, her music surprises listeners who think they know what to expect from a singer-songwriter, and those who never expected to like one. As a storyteller, she writes intensely visual songs rich with melodic texture and emotional depth, and she performs with an unmistakable swagger. The LA-based Bostonian Continue reading >>>

Review: Chilacates ‘Feels Like a Godsend’

Jamaica Plain NewsTacos from Chilacates. Jamaica Plain taqueria Chilacates, which opened this summer on Amory Street, got the Improper Bostonian review treatment today, and the review is a good one. Restaurant critic MC Slim JB calls the tacos “an essential starting point,” with fillings that are “vivid and satisfying.” He also praises the taqueria’s rendition of the Mexican street corn elote, among other items. The bottom line: “This tiny, humble neighborhood spot may ultimately not rank as destination dining for most folks from outside JP. But for any Bostonian with warm memories Continue reading >>>

Frank The Butcher Partners With Puma For ‘Eat What You Kill’ Collection

Frank The Butcher Frank The Butcher really knows his sh*t. That’s why he gets my worthless co-sign for the Business As Usual x Puma ‘Eat What You Kill’ pack. The Bostonian is turning quasi-designer and churning out hits for his sneaker head brethren, this time in the form of two pairs of kicks and corresponding gear. Featuring the Puma OG Blaze of Glory and R698, it feels like Frank is catering to TSS specifically by also producing an exclusive track featuring none other than Killer Mike on the vocals. As is the standard for Frank, the colors and materials are all top shelf. The B.A.U. x Continue reading >>>

A Bostonian asks: Are you still bullish on Baltimore?

Luis Cardona asks a challenging question: "Are you still bullish on Baltimore?" He means, in light of the fallout from the death of Freddie Gray — the April looting and fires, the profiling of Baltimore by the national media as a city beset with profound social problems approaching the dystopian — am I still hopeful of the city's prospects?Where's Cardona coming from with this question? "I'm a Bostonian who is moving to Baltimore next year," he wrote me last month. "I chose Baltimore for its affordability, my enjoyment of the city and to pursue career opportunities Continue reading >>>